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A New Way to Discover the Day’s News – Headslinger

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Headslinger.comWhat it does:
headslinger allows you to create a list by source, with categorization by folder. Its unique algorithm also suggests sources based on your . Plus, you can see what everyone else is reading.

How it beats the competition:
News browsers are creatures of habit–vising a select group of the same front pages to per day.  There are tools that aggregate and highlight news on a single-link level (, , facebook wall postings), but there is a for aggregating and connecting people on the source level.  Additionally, RSS readers are too complex to set up for the average news browser and they don’t provide a level of social interaction or an easy way to discover new .  Headslinger aggregates content beyond the RSS feed, bringing in twitter and facebook activity, to act as a “dashboard” for thew .





A New Way to Discover the Day's News - Headslinger, 9.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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