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Automatic Time Tracking – DeskTime.com

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DeskTime.comWhat it does:
DeskTime shows you who’s working and who’s not. It’s a simple analysis of data.

DeskTime is a real-time service that analyzes by seeing whether your employees are using “productive” or “” applications.

With DeskTime you can easily track your time and your employee’s time. DeskTime is a great choice for , software engineers, freelancers and small and medium size businesses.

How it beats the competition:
The obvious difference and of DeskTime over other competitors is that DeskTime is all automatic. While other software needs some kind of DeskTime produces beautiful reports automatically and the information can be accessible and viewed in real-time while others solution have lag-time.





Tracking - , 9.4 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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  • Jennifer Mark

    Automatic time tracking makes a great stand out in this competitive world. Even I used to manage my work.

    With automated if the tool comes in the online web based, then the matter comes up with something like icing in the cake. Being a tech professional I have more importantly managed the time but the time when I switched on to the time tracking software from Replicon ( http://www.replicon.com/time-tracking-softwares.aspx ) that managed beautifully all my tasks, projects, and makes me more and more productive.

    Now I am in need of one more time tracking tools. I think so I should give a try to DeskTime.

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    GD Star Rating
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