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Backup For Websites – SnatchCode

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SnatchCode.comWhat it does:
is a solution. We help small businesses and individuals to get rid of complicated and high price or .

As we know we do have many softwares to make our website backups , but are they so easy to use ? Well most of them include complicated instructions and are also too costly for a or individual to afford. To this problem we have found a solution which we have named “SnatchCode”. SnatchCode is a simple to use platform which offers its service for free and for bigger needs it’s priced only $7/Month which is quite affordable for businesses and individuals. With SnatchCode a person has to just provide his details and click the “Backup Now” button in his SnatchCode dashboard. That’s it ! Our system will automatically fetch the users website backup and make it available for download in his SnatchCode dashboard.

We provide our service in three form :

  1. FREE – We have free accounts available in our service which has the following limit
    1. Websites file size should be less or equal to 1 GB
    2. User can add 1 website at a time
  2. PLUS – This type of account is best suited for medium businesses and individuals. The features of plus account are
    1. Websites file size should be less or equal to 7 GB
    2. User can add unlimited number of websites
    3. Undo Feature is available
    4. Price : $7/Month
  3. PRO – This type of account is for bigger needs
    1. Customized Space
    2. User can add unlimited number of websites
    3. Undo Feature is available
    4. Price : According to the needs.

SnatchCode provides a for pro and plus users which we call “Undo”. If a user has got anything broken in his web files , instead of re-coding the things up he can simply login to SnatchCode dashboard and press the Undo Button. Our system automatically fetch the latest available backup and replace it with his broken files.

How it beats the competition:
As we all know , today the world of web is growing at a and so are the innovations. But in this world we do leave out some of the important aspects. One of the most important thing for a website owner is to maintain a backup of this website. Many a times people get hacked and the hacker deletes all their websites data which makes it a huge problem for the owner. Our mission is to provide each business or individuals a platform using which they can maintain there website backups.





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