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Bringing Blackberry Messenger To Life – BBMShirts.com

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BBMShirts.comWhat it does:
BBMShirts is all about celebrating , a remarkable that helps make our daily lives more exciting. Quite frankly, we love and we’re not afraid to show it. However we don’t just sell t-, we sell a fun and exciting new way to interact socially with other BBM users.

Case in point: Many of you have probably experienced a situation where you spotted someone cute with a Blackberry but just didn’t know how to approach them and break the ice. Well now you can, with the perfect Blackberry . All you have to do is approach them wearing your very own BBMShirt complete with your fully scan-able and let your do the talking.

We are in no way affiliated with or claim to be an official product of Blackberry/RIM. Blackberry & Blackberry Messenger (BBM) are trademarks of RIM. All we do is sell custom made t-shirts to their users.

How it beats the competition:
We have no competition yet!!









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