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Create Magazines, Pamphlets, Blogs and Sites with Lightning speed – SocialGimme.com

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SocialGimme.comWhat it does:
SocialGimme enables people and companies to amazing magazines, pages, blogs, pamphlets etc with lightning speed.

Even that hardest things to do for most people, like embedding a facebook , or comment box are single click enabled.

Every bit of content can be added in the easiest way possible.

How it beats the competition:
No tech skills or coding required, just a and an interesting subject.

Every Gimme looks stunning on a desktop, a tablet and a . One has to try it to experience it’s incredible speed and usability.

Also, we allow our users to advertise and monetize their Gimme pages with , coupons, etc.

So, we are about creating , attract an audience ( on the socialgimme wall ) and monetize it.

example: http://movie.socialgimme.com

Pretty soon, we will launch our Facebook app as well, where we offer an alternative for the much dreaded removal of the static fanpage.




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