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Crowd Sourcing Guest Music Choices For Wedding Planners and Event Organizers – StereoPill

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StereoPill.comWhat it does:
StereoPill is a web application that offers wedding planners and organizers the ability to their guest’s before the big day. The application was created to empower guests to vote on what songs they want to hear, prior to the wedding or other . With the crowd-sourced data, StereoPill supplies ’s, event planners, or anyone with valuable insight into what individuals want pertaining to selections.

How it beats the competition:
StereoPill is different because it’s the only application of its kind. Individuals have an understanding of what’s popular based on music boards and online content but they have no direct way of knowing what they’re guest want. By adding the ability of people can ensure a successful event hours before arrival.





Crowd Sourcing Guest For Wedding Planners and Event Organizers - StereoPill, 8.3 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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