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Job Search that uses your Experience to Tailor Search Results – ApplyApp.ly

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ApplyApp.comWhat it does:
ApplyApp.ly is a tool that uses your experience to tailor results to show the positions for which you’re best . Created by Careerimp, Inc., ApplyApp.ly analyzes information provided by the job seeker — by connecting to their or copying and pasting their resume — and it against job descriptions sourced from job boards and directly posted by , and then provides job seekers job matches.

Apart from and experience, it also positions based on the user’s Myers-Briggs® personality type, which helps to determine if they will be satisfied in the position. Not only does this lead to a more diverse pool and better ranking of opportunities, but it also allows job seekers to optimize their efforts when applying for a new position.

How it beats the competition:
Job seekers often cannot find the right job opportunities based on existing job search engines and exact keyword matches. They can put in the position and location they are interested in, but it doesn’t really provide them with a list of the most relevant .

For one, titles are worded differently across organizations. Second, they may not know exactly what they are best suited for — for instance, a Project Manager at a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company requires many different skills from a Project Manager at a VC-backed tech startup.





Job Search that uses your Experience to Tailor Search Results - ApplyApp.ly, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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