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Join the Marketplace Revolution – Reppio.com

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Reppio.comWhat it does:
Reppio is a free built for people who care about safety and . Users are all assigned a “Rep Score,” which is a quick way to assess credibility.  Rep Scores are determined by careful verification of each user’s footprint, and increase as they list/sell/buy items . We eliminate the mystery of anonymous classifieds – you know EXACTLY who you’re .

How it beats the competition:
We save you time by allowing you to manage all of your buying and selling in one place. Buyers know the relevant facts about an item such as , , location, and the seller’s track record – all before sending a . Sellers can easily create high-quality listings on Reppio and share via email, Facebook, and other classifieds, with a .





Join the Marketplace Revolution - Reppio.com, 7.6 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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  • Jennifer

    I just checked out this site and looks pretty awesome! Love the video and how easy it was to sell. The site looks great and could really be something amazing if they get more users.

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