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SaaS Monitoring – PushMon

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Pushmon.comWhat it does:
PushMon is a new kind of system. Instead of checking public facing servers on a , PushMon will wait for from the objects being monitored. These objects are usually batch jobs, scheduled/, , or , but really are anything that has access to the and can call a on a . If PushMon does not receive the URL “ping” by the (like every hour, or every day or even by 5:00 PM every ), it will send an alert (email, IM, SMS, Twitter and/or ). We can monitor your database backups, your cron scripts, your background tests, your internet connectivity, your batch jobs, and a lot more. You expect your cron job to finish before 5 AM? We’ll notify you by 5 AM if something is wrong.

How it beats the competition:
Existing hosted monitoring services only check public facing servers. PushMon can check anything that has access to the internet.

Invite Code:
Please use the invite code “RateMyStartup_zX” when you sign up.





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