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WeGoLook – We Go Look When You Can’t

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wegolook.comWhat it does:
is an Verification company having over 7,000 nationwide “Lookers” (background verified inspectors). The inspectors will anywhere in the USA to inspect/verify any product, place or thing.

How it beats the competition:
WeGoLook mitigates risk for consumers (USA and global), businesses and property owners. A unique of more than 7,000 nationwide “Lookers” travel to items (eBay/Craigslist-autos/boats), properties (rental, vacation, income), or people (online dates). They then complete an onsite verification report—including , , and seller demonstration—and arrange transport and more.


WeGoLook - We Go Look When You Can't, 6.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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  • Ulf Wolf

    Great service.

    Another way to make sure you’re okay, and to guard against being ripped off by online sales or auctions of any kind, Craigslist and eBay included—and whether seller or buyer—is to use a *bona fide* online escrow company. Especially for pricier items like antiques, jewelry and autos. Although it does add some cost, it takes the uncertainty out of the transaction, and that’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

    For my money, the best bona fide online escrow (and there seems to be ten fraudulent escrow sites for every bona fide one) is probably Escrow.com (http://escrow.com). In fact, it’s the only one that eBay recommends, and is the only online escrow company that is licensed to provide escrow services all across the United States.

    PS. For more information about avoiding online scams and frauds, go to Online Escrow at WordPress.com (http://onlineescrow.wordpress.com/)

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