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Rec.fm – Recommend A Product for Charity, Share with Your Friends

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Rec.fm - Recommend A Product for Charity, Share with Your FriendsWhat it does:
is a new service which allows easy creation and sharing via social media of product recommendations for the benefit of charitable causes.

51% of Rec.fm’s earnings are donated to the charities of users who make product recommendations. Proprietary of Rec.fm scores product recommendations based upon data indicators of “trust” and prioritizes presentation of the most trustworthy recommendations to searchers.

The service is fully integrated with major social like and and major commerce such as Amazon.com and .com. rec.fm is a 2010 SXSW Web Award finalist.

How it beats the competition:
Product search is increasingly irrelevant, spam filled, and dominated by . The solution is Rec.fm’s friends to friends product recommendations that can’t be bought and are directly relevant within a social circle.
Why Rec.fm will win in the space: first to market, clear path to profitability, thought leader, experienced team, and plans for extensive interactive user engagement model with gaming dynamics on Facebook.

Site: http://rec.fm/

Rec.fm - Recommend A Product for , with Your Friends, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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