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A New Way to Discover the Day’s News – Headslinger

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Headslinger.comWhat it does:
headslinger allows you to create a custom list by source, with categorization by folder. Its unique algorithm also suggests sources based on your consumption habits. Plus, you can see what everyone else is reading.

How it beats the competition:
News browsers are –vising a select group of the same front pages to per day.  There are tools that aggregate and highlight news on a single-link level (, , facebook wall postings), but there is a gap for aggregating and connecting people on the source level.  Additionally, are too complex to set up for the average news browser and they don’t provide a level of interaction or an easy way to discover new content sources.  Headslinger aggregates content beyond the RSS feed, bringing in twitter and facebook activity, to act as a “” for thew news junkie.





A New Way to Discover the Day's News - Headslinger, 9.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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