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Actual News – Information Portal and News Agreggator

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Actual News - Information Portal and News AgreggatorWhat it does:
Information Portal and News Agreggator.

English version – http://actualnewsonline.info/
German version – http://newsaktuell.info/

The format of the site is made to be , practical and direct, leading the user to the most updated information available in not only a specific, but a set of subjects, all within just a few clicks – Actual News is tailored to save you time looking around the internet for information on news and events.

Actual News is also integrated with YouTube, Wikipedia, and the leading such as , , Tumblr, Google , FriendFeed, allowing you to grab and/or headlines off the site straight from a range of Social sites.

How it beats the competition:
Direct and practical approach to current affairs.


Actual News - Information Portal and News Agreggator, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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