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AddressTwo – Small Business CRM

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addresstwo.comWhat it does:
AddressTwo is a simple, easy-to-use Customer Management (CRM) for small businesses and solopreneurs.  As you would expect from any CRM, you can store, , and your from leads to prospects to customers.  You can activity with these contacts, assign follow-up tasks, fill your pipeline, manage projects, and even communicate with email marketing built-in.

How it beats the competition:
Because of it’s simplicity of , users can be productive within minutes or hours of sign-up, not days or weeks of set-up like some CRM systems require.  Our pricing model is geared for the growing micro- such that we charge one fee per company, allowing unlimited user logins for that company, instead of a fee per user.  Finally, the most innovative feature of AddressTwo is Addy, your virtual assistant: www.addresstwo.com/addy/


AddressTwo - CRM, 7.7 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

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