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Agile Backlog Management for Companies With Fixed Resources – EasyBacklog

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EasyBacklog.comWhat it does:
easyBacklog is an agile backlog designed for agencies or companies delivering with . easyBacklog reduces time spent managing , controls project overrages, provides real time reporting and simplifies sprint management. This product is not another or project collaboration tool, it is meant for and , and it does not attempt to replace the real that are still required to make agile projects effective, it simply enhances them.

How it beats the competition:
It beats the competition as follows:
* in the interface.
* Speed to create a new backlog (modelled on how Excel works and templates suggested by )
* Snapshots allow you work in an agile way whilst keeping track of how the backlog is evolving so you can report on cost or timing impacts to your clients.




Agile Backlog Management for Companies With Fixed Resources - EasyBacklog, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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