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Askalo.com – Ask A Local And Discover Your City!

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Askalo.com - Ask A Local And Discover Your City!What it does:
connects city strangers with city experts to help everyone discover the best things about their city. On askalo, users ask and answer questions about their city while earning points and awards for their activity.

How it beats the competition:
askalo is unique because it is the first city-focused Q&A website. Specifically, askalo focuses on giving a person, who wants quality information about a city, the ability to ask a local person with inside information for quality answers. For example, if a person wants to know what is the best restaurant in New York, on askalo he or she can ask for suggestions from a local person who has dined in New York before.


Askalo.com - Ask A Local And Discover Your City!, 5.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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