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Cloud PC Game Save Backup – GameWisp.com

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Gamewisp.comWhat it does:
GameWisp syncs, saves, and manages all of your and mods. We support over 400 , and are growing every day. With gigabytes of space, you’ll never lose your progress again!

How it beats the competition:
Our game save backup service works regardless of the game, OS, or the place you bought it. Whether you bought it from Steam, Origin, , , or anywhere else, all your game saves can be automatically backed up. Additionally, GameWisp broadens your beyond just the games themselves regardless of your platform. , follow, chat, and share with gamers from all over the world. At launch, we will support , community events, achievements, and all kinds of other . We make social!





Cloud PC Game Save Backup - , 8.4 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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