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Miscake.comWhat it does:
Miscake Stores is one of the Miscake lab research projects. It is a service for with ease. First of all, it is designed for people who do not want to spend their time on and want to be entirely focused on their . Moreover, users of Miscake Stores do not have to be familiar with , and administrating and other problems. We are open to dialogue, because while we are producing an on our own, we would like to develop it alongside with YOU, our customers, to make it even better.

How it beats the competition:
In order to we use cutting-edge technology – cloud computing, which is becoming now a for different businesses. Usually you buy a server (virtual or not) or part of the server resources, but we propose you to buy a service in , which means that resources for your business are allocated on demand, i.e. we are a SaaS (software as a service) provider.





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  • Jason Morgan


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