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Dizigot.com – Wikipedia for Regular People

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dizigot.comWhat does:
Wikipedia for regular people. yourself and Get Noticed!

How many times have you googled your own name?
How many times have you googled the name of someone you met last evening in a party?
How many times have you had a tough time finding people on the closed social networks?
How many times have you not been trustful of people online?
The rhetoric questions above are just a small fraction of the unanswered questions! Dizigot allows you create a Wikipedia style profile page for you which is open to all and helps them find you. Pool-in all your social networks links strewn all over the web to create your Virtual .

How it beats the competition:
Dizigot is a portal where you showcase yourself to the gazillion internet out there who are googling your name.

Provides you the tools to write your auto-biography in less than 5 mins

It is an online to fortify your e-presence & manage your reputation online & get an idea on how people on the internet perceive you.


Dizigot.com - Wikipedia for Regular People, 8.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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