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Dreams Become Reality – Fortunenotes.com

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Fortunenotes.comWhat it does:
is a website which lets you share your and . Members create a private wonderwall which lets them track their goals, and when ready share them with others on the . It doesn’t matter what you aim for (new house, trip to China, office prank for your boss), you can post it at the and show it off to others. The shared or as we call them fortunenotes, act as an towards other members. Ideally sharing a goal on the network could lead to a , where members achieve your idea at various places around the globe and in different ways. This brings great and to our members, and most of all, adds excitement and fun to our lives.

How it beats the competition:
We are the only website which offers member share their experiences and participate into other people’s dreams and . We are more than a diary that you just write notes in, we also offer you the feature to track your progress, but most of all we have a unique social element!





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