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EasyCal – Frustration Free Online Booking for Soloists

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easycalapp.comWhat it does:
EasyCal lets solo service providers take for their business.

You set up your services, locations, and availability, and you get a unique web address and booking for your business.

Your customers can book for the services you offer using that .

You , make more money, and relax knowing that your clients can book an appointment with you any time.

How it beats the competition:
All other online are built for large organizations – EasyCal’s the only service that’s built for (people who only book appointments for themselves).

Because we’re only focusing on you (instead of you plus 5-10 others), we made our calendar the simplest one around.


EasyCal - Frustration Free for Soloists, 8.2 out of 10 based on 18 ratings

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