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Ecommerce Drop Shipping Automation, Amazon Repricing & Third-Party Fulfillment Software – SparkShipping.com

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Automated Dropship Order ProcessingWhat it does:
Spark Shipping provides eCommerce site owners with drop shipping automation, intelligent pricing calculations and Amazon pricing alerts. When orders come in they are automatically processed and sent to vendors, distributors, suppliers, or fulfillment centers. No more wasting time sending emails to vendors each time a customer places an order.

Spark Shipping gives eCommerce site owners the ability to intelligently calculate marketplace pricing. Spark Shippings takes into account many factors such as product weight, product dimensions, vendor location, furthest shipping location (worst case scenario), realtime shipping cost, optional negotiated UPS rates, marketplace commission, processing fees (ex. credit card fees), optional flat rate pricing, etc. With all those factors Spark Shipping produces a target price (based on your specified margin) and a lowest possible breakeven price. This allows anyone in your organization to price products in seconds. For more information –  How Spark Shipping Works

Spark Shipping also monitors the Amazon Marketplace to give you alerts for possible opportunities where you could offer a product a profit. You can also determine if there are any products listed with Amazon with the potential of loosing you money. This takes into account realtime shifts in the market and ever changing shipping cost.

How it beats the competition:
Spark Shipping is your one stop eCommerce automation shop. No other dropping software provides realtime order fulfillment requests, intelligent pricing calculations and automated Amazon Marketplace alerts.


Ecommerce Drop Shipping Automation, Amazon Repricing & Third-Party Fulfillment Software - SparkShipping.com, 9.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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