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Evernote to Finally Have it’s Dedicated ToDo Application – everdo.it

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EverDo.comWhat it does:
Everdo.it is the name of the latest task manager, which will be available on the applications’ market early next year.The EverDo.it will not only enable full synchronization with personalized content of Evernote, but will also allow the user to create personal tasks and to do list independently. EverDo.it is based on the philosophy of Getting Things Done ®, but it is adaptable to any other style of task management.

How it beats the competition:
EverDo.it has some features, which distinguish this task manager on the market:
1) Calendar without tagging. When creating a task, you can specify the time and date. The task goes directly to your calendar.

2) EverDo.it synchronizes with your Evernote account and allows you to manage the workflow of staff (Inbox) in the app itself.

3) Tag free – Tired of moving notes between notebooks? Use EverDo.it and let the app do the job for you! Manage your time and projects, not the tags and notebooks!

4) Change a note into a task. Change only a part of a note into a task. Impossible? Try EverDo.it and see that it’s real.




Evernote to Finally Have it's Dedicated ToDo Application - everdo.it, 8.7 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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