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Gain An Insight Into Your Personality – PersonaBubble

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PersonaBubble.comWhat it does:
PersonaBubble is an online application and personality test which has been developed by psychology experts to help you gain an insight into your personality and the personality of the people around you.

We believe that gaining a better understanding of your personality, and how others see you, will enable you to understand  yourself and develop, as well as form better connections with others.

How it beats the competition:
PersonaBubble is the first online application of its kind that:
•       Has an approved version of a professional personality questionnaire at its heart
•       Is completely free to use
•       Gives each user the ability to see how their friends perceive them and what they most appreciate about them.





Gain An Insight Into Your Personality - PersonaBubble, 7.7 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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