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Get and Give Better Gifts – Giftery.me

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Giftery.comWhat it does:
Every day we see , , things we want but when it comes to getting a our friends & family are often unsure where to start.

That’s where Giftery.me comes in. We let people save anything they like from any website or store into a wishlist that they can use for their own , discuss, or share for a birthday, , or any other .

At the same time Giftery.me helps people in search of an idea by sending out an anonymous invitation to make a list to whoever they’re shopping for.

Giftery.me is the for the every day. Get and Give

How it beats the competition:
Our focus is on being universal which really means being flexible.

We don’t limit people to any store, any website, or any product. People can list however they like — on our site, on a retailer’s, with a phone, through a social page. And there’s never a push for our vendors, a fee for someone to buy a gift or any other cost for either someone getting or giving a gift.

This means people can bring together what they want from many places so they end up with a list that’s all about them.




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