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Get Customer Feedback via SMS – MessageTheManager.com

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MessageTheManager.comWhat it does:
MessageTheManager is a new customer feedback tool, providing a platform for businesses such as shops, hotels and restaurants, to receive anonymous -time feedback from customers via SMS.

The service is currently open for UK businesses and there are plans in place to expand it to the US, Canada and Australia.

How it beats the :
MessageTheManager replaces the traditional comment cards and boxes that businesses use to collect customer feedback. Filling in these forms has never been popular with customers whereas just about everyone owns a mobile phone these days and texting is quick and to do.

In addition to being favoured by customers, the feedback that businesses receive is real-time. This means that any complaints or problems can be resolved by the manager of the business right there and then. Every customer then leaves happy and any negative reviews that would have been posted online are avoided.





Get Customer Feedback via SMS - MessageTheManager.com, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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