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INISMO – Investing Is More

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Inismo.comWhat it does:
INISMO is a fully & investment management platform for investors & entrepreneurs. We provide web-based tools to handle and keep track of all tuning processes.

Investors can evaluate & compare investment proposals with their team from our private list as well as from their deal flow sources with our invitation and submission tools, get in touch with exciting businesses and navigate their funding negotiations, in an online & secure deal room to close the deal.

Entrepreneurs can work on their business idea to create a structured project pitch of it, and pitch it at our list as well as with our pitching tool and and navigate their funding negotiations in an online & secure deal room.
The deal room provides like chat and video chat (skype integration), file exchange, arranging meetings, do the , meet agreements (agreement creator for term sheets, no-shop & confidentiality agreements).

Have a look here: https://inismo.com/project/PPHart6H424n4MbfaVIK/

How it beats the competition:
INISMO is the only solution where investors can manage their deal flow, discover verified investment proposals that are submitted in structured project pitches for an easy and quick evaluation and comparability, and use private deal rooms with their colleagues and partners to navigate their funding processes with promising businesses.
Also, in combination, the price for these services are nuts, because it’s our vision to open the funding sector/ market to become transparent, comparable and decreasing the information asymmetry between investors and entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneurs get supported with the presentation and focus of their business ideas, and promotion of them to potential investors as BAs, VCs and other private ones like successful entrepreneurs who want to be active again.





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