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Insight What Actually Happens in Your Online Forms – Revrise

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Revrise.comWhat it does:
gives you insight what actually happens in your online . Order , contact and are all places where it is super important to make the user , not bumping into errors or problems regarding the format of the input in the fields.
RevRise Form Analytics measures the user activity in those places online, detecting bad fields and tries to provide a solution to those problems looking at best practices and its collected .

How it beats the competition:
It is easy to install, most of the time clocking in at a couple of minutes. The user simply tags a form with a name, and voila she is done.
It is and provides solutions to problems detected.
It works no matter what form you try to track. Ajax forms as well as traditional.
It provides quick support.




Insight What Actually Happens in Your - Revrise, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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