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Intelligent Search for eCommerce Websites – Unbxd

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UNBXDWhat does:
Unbxd Search is an intelligent search engine which can be ‘plugged’ into such as eCommerce sites and provides the search functionality such sites. Apart from being highly and platform/architecture agnostic, it provides for a lightning fast accurate search. More features include automatic spelling check and correct, synonym match and suggest, autocompletion in the search box and dynamic navigation using facets. Unbxd Search has helped on eCommerce sites find the right products and increase transactions (buys) which boosts revenues upto 12-15%.

How it beats the :
Being platform agnostic is one of the biggest advantages that Unbxd has. “They are one of a kind in India and are, in fact, carving out a niche search market for themselves in India. The technology is future ready and can be deployed on any system – from enterprise to SMEs like cloud hosted e-commerce apps”.





Intelligent Search for eCommerce Websites - Unbxd, 8.8 out of 10 based on 39 ratings

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