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Investment and M&A Social Network – ClosingCircle.com

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ClosingCircle.comWhat it does:
(www.closingcircle.com) is a B2B dedicated to Investment and
firms and professionals to facilitate and dealmaking. An exclusive, innovative, and
, Closing Circle is a powerful platform for to expand reach and

How it beats the competition:
A two-fold innovation:
• Drawing from social networks like and Linkedin, Closing Circle is a
new generation of sector-focused B2B network designed for dealmakers
• Revolutionizing the Investment and M&A market by introducing social media
technologies in a traditional industry

A relevant tool for the Investment and M&A sector:
• Networking is a key factor in successful dealmaking but firms resources are too limited to
cover large and diverse areas and maintain
• With significant amounts of capital available for investments, firms want to be sure they
are connecting with the right people
• Firms are excited to use social networks to promote their and expand reach but
current generalist platforms are not fulfilling their dealmaking needs
• The challenging European financial and economic environment is opportunistic for
making connections and looking for new business opportunities





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