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MinuteBox – Problems Solved in Minutes

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minutebox.comWhat it does:
MinuteBox is a social way to buy and sell expertise online via multi-media chat.

To domain experts, MinuteBox is a powerful expertise monetisation engine. Firstly, we make their online reputation portable. We aggregate their online reputation into our easily embeddable MinuteBox Direct widget. Secondly, we enable domain experts to sell their expertise to their audience via multi-media cha directly from MinuteBox Direct.

To the people who need their problems solved, MinuteBox is a powerful domain expert search engine. Using our search, users can easily identify appropriate domain experts to consult with about their problems, in an instant and cost-efficient way.

How it beats the competition:
Social approach: Different from other expert networks, we enable domain experts to sell their time to their existing audiences on the social platforms they are already using. By doing that, we help experts to easily leverage their own online reputation, and monetise their expertise from their own websites, blogs or social platform profiles.

Technology: We combine social graph and semantic web technologies to create our domain expert search service. We will continuously improve our algorithm for indexing domain experts, which would be difficult for new entrants to copy.

Bespoke multi-media chat application: Our chat application runs on standard browsers. Users do not need to downland our application to enjoy our services. Also, it is integrated with Paypal’s new technology, Paypal X. Experts receive payment instantly after every session.


MinuteBox - Problems Solved in Minutes, 7.7 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

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