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MoveThatBlock.com – There for Life’s Biggest Decisions

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movethatblock.comWhat it does:
MoveThatBlock.com is there for Life’s Biggest Decisions.  100% Free to Post and Search with No Restricted Areas and No Premium memberships, this Groundbreaking website offers professional quality, one-stop shopping for categories only before found on single category, pay to post sites.  Users find our custom features in an easy to use format allowing simple searching or posting in an uncluttered environment with categories including: jobs, dating, commercial real estate, residential real estate, apartments & home rentals, vacation rentals, and new categories under development.  We offer personal, step by step guidance through life’s most difficult decisions providing experts in each step of the process.  From buying a home to landing that dream job or date, we’ve got you covered.  You never have to go it alone.  Welcome to the Block.

How it beats the competition:
Jobs “3D prescreen will revolutionize the way companies hire today”.  Pre interview candidates saving the employer time and the candidate time and expense to travel for a 1st interview.

  • Dating “In 2011, date the way you want.  Find your own perfect match or use our patent pending matching system to find your exact opposite or someone just like you.  Prefer to avoid awkwardness of a first date, join one of our local in person group dates from restaurants to museums to rock climbing.  GroupDate™ is the answer to why according to a recent SmartMoney article, approximately 40% of the 80,000,000 Americans that will use one or more online dating site this year will never get asked out on a single date.  Go dutch in a group setting.  No pressure.  Just the opportunity to meet new people or you’re the person you will be with forever.
  • Residential Real Estate – Tired of running around looking at 30 different houses and walking into the home to see it isn’t like the pictures?  Or driving to look at a great house only to discover its next to a Land Fill?  The answer is our real time digital video walk throughs and Imbedded Google Streetview allowing you to see the home the way it really looks today and check out your new neighbors from the comfort of your home or from 2,000 miles away.
  • GENERAL – “Life’s Biggest Decisions should never be made alone.  MoveThatBlock.com’s patent pending, guided process will help you understand your journey before you begin, offering experts and advice every step of the way,”according to company CEO, Pat Gray.
  • GENERAL –  “Our targeted advertising is cutting edge and rivals any site on the internet today.  Our categorized site allows companies to market to users in a helpful, relevant, and non-intrusive way.  We believe in a model where everyone benefits”, according to company Chairman, Todd J. Drowlette.


MoveThatBlock.com - There for Life’s Biggest Decisions, 8.8 out of 10 based on 30 ratings

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