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No More Long Waits on Companies Support Line – Nevahold.com

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NevaHold.comWhat it does:
nevaHold seeks to eliminate the most frustrating and time consuming part the customer service process, by providing consumers with a unified platform that allows them to reach out to any company on the go. The service sends complaints to support channels of a company to ensure the ’s voice is heard.

How it beats the :
nevaHold receives a question or complaint from a consumer and posts it to the respective company’s customer support channels being Facebook, Twitter, email or any other support channel. The consumer goes about her daily activities and receives a response from the company through nevaHold. If the brand does not respond to the consumer within a certain time frame nevaHold blasts the company on all of its social media networks until there is a response.

Now instead of a consumer spending 30 minutes on hold for a customer support agent or searching online forums for an answer, she spends less than a minute to make her . nevaHold does the rest so she gets the support she deserves.

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No More Long Waits on Support Line - Nevahold.com, 7.0 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

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