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Online Booking System – EzyOnlineBookings.com

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EzyOnlineBooking.comWhat it does:
EzyOnlineBookings.com lets businesses accept bookings and payments right on their .  It’s a complete online that with PayPal and .  Most importantly it’s easy to setup and .

How it beats the competition:
EzyOnlineBookings.com has been to be easy to setup and install, and easy for customers to use.  Unlike other online booking systems, EzyOnlineBookings.com doesn’t force customers to create accounts to make bookings.

The software works within the businesses website, rather than redirecting customers to a separate site to complete their bookings.  The can choose what information they want to collect from customers.

Like most good online systems, EzyOnlineBookings integrates with PayPal and Google Calendar.  Unlike other systems however, EzyOnlineBookings.com uses the latest Google technology, which lets the system instantly, and changes made to bookings in Google Calendar are updated in EzyOnlineBookings.com.



Online Booking System - EzyOnlineBookings.com, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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