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Online Customer Feedback and Beta Management – BetaEasy

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BetaEasy.comWhat it does:
is online customer and beta management service developed to make beta stage of any (, , desktop application, etc) easier.

This service allows to collect feedback from all the product users or separately selected group invited for testing in one place. It makes beta-testing process completely manageable which the developer to concentrate on the core tasks. BetaEasy to form the community of beta-testers who will test the product and leave feedback concerning or functionality the product is missing. All feedbacks are collected in one place – which makes much easier for project owner to set the priorities e.g. what should be fixed first. The users can vote for the so the most urgent to be appear first on the list.

How it beats the competition:
BetaEasy is equally useful for web sites/applications as well as for classic desktop applications. Service helps you to built your of users who will with you and contribute to your website/software improvement. All feedback is collected in one place, priorities are clearly , feedback is turned into improvement.





Online Customer Feedback and Beta Management - BetaEasy, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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