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ParetoCentral.com – Get 1-Hour Consultation with the Expert Crowd

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ParetoCentral.comWhat it does:
ParetoCentral enables you to tap into the of “ of experts” to solve your business needs. Post the that can use 1-hour , and mention the cash award for the best . Member experts will respond with their qualifications.

Do 1-hour consultations with those you think meet your over phone, , or other means. Pick the expert who gave the best and pay the promised directly to that expert. If no expert meets your needs, you don’t have to pay.

How it beats the competition:
Competition comes primarily from two sources:

  1. Freelance sites like and eLance: These are more for , while ParetoCentral is for professionals who don’t want to compete on price. ParetoCentral’s focus is building connection between consultants and clients to position for future consulting.
  2. Answer sites like Quora: The advice here is generic and is not personalized. At ParetoCentral, you talk to experts 1 on 1.


ParetoCentral.com - Get 1-Hour Consultation with the Expert Crowd, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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