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Put Your Brand Right in the Eye Grabbing Position – Fansha

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Fanshala.comWhat it does:
Fanshala is a two sided portal-for advertisers and -specifically page owners.
For advertisers, Fanshala has the biggest advantage in terms of placement,we place the advertisement in the most viewed place on Facebook,the newsfeed of the people. The for advertisers is done via that are most read and revered on the social networking site. Your will have a vantage point and they will tower over other brands because your campaign will not be ephemeral.
For social users,never before have they been given an opportunity on Facebook to through their posts and the sign up is completely free.

How it beats the competition:
Never before have social media users been able to take a payout via Facebook and the sign up is totally free.
For advertisers,the focal point is the vantage point advantage.





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  • How does this compete with the options that facebook offers in order to do exactly the same thing as you propose? For $100 a company can post an ad to the news feed of it’s followers that has a predicted reach of 53k – 100k users. This equates (using the lower number) to a cost of 0.002 cents per set of eyes.

    Sure, you might be able to market your product to users that don’t currently follow a company, but this is likely to indicate that the impact of the advert will be less and as such will be less likely to lead to a new customer. Even so, taking into a account that a non-follower might be a new customer, and therefore more valuable, lets say you can charge $1000 to a new company for a similar reach offered by facebook. That means you have a budget of 0.02 cents for your prize fund to award to your users. From this you also must generate an operating profit.

    I don’t think the numbers add up on this. Facebook will always have a numbers advantage, so can always out compete you on price. They also have the advantage of not having to pay their users!

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  • Rajat Sharma

    Thats one way to look at it.

    People spend hours and hours on facebook, using this they can earn by pasting a small advertisement below their status.

    For advertisers it is great as they dont have to work their asses to get likes on their product page and thenuse “promoted post” option to reach their target audience. In this they can simply create an ad and reach their target customers instantly and economically.

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