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SaaS for Examination, Interview & Testing – Avancert.com

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Avancert.comWhat it does:
Avancert.com is a platform that provides everything organizations need for examination, assessment, video interview and testing. All features are provided via a web browser based interface and range from question bank and right through to sitting management and accepting online . Additional new of assessment based around video using the candidates home computer, web browser and .

How it beats the :
Traditionally, smaller organizations have lacked the financial resources and knowledge to bring a number of different shrink wrapped packages to deliver computer based testing and assessment. Being an ‘end to end’ solution that doesn’t require expensive in-house infrastructure or complex integration , Avancert.com makes computer based assessment accessible and affordable to organizations of all sizes. Not only that, but it helps organizations reduce instances of cheating (assessments are completely randomized and different each time taken) improve assessment quality via built in question performance reporting.





SaaS for Examination, Interview & Testing - Avancert.com, 9.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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