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Salesforce for Music Fans – MusicHype.com

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MusicHype.comWhat it does:
MusicHype is a social CRM that helps artists, , labels & digital agencies focus on the fans that matter. MusicHype gives users the ability to identify, geo- & with the top 10% of fans, who make up almost 50% of the total .

Every fan counts, but some count more than others. Super-serve & super-satisfy the fans that matter.

* We believe the days of “Tweet this to win” are over.
* We believe the power of should connect people.
* We believe music fans want real relationships with the artists they .
* That’s why we built MusicHype.

How MusicHype works
MusicHype gives the ability to identify, geo-target & communicate directly with the top 10% of fans. These fans make up almost 50% of the total artist spend, so they’re worth the effort.

Our platform saves users time and allows them to really focus on the fans who want to be talked to & appreciated. Think of it as email marketing 2.0 where you capture a fans complete digital footprint & see exactly how they love a band over Twitter, Instagram, LastFM, Spotify, Rdio, YouTube & more.

About Us
Based in New York, NY, our technology has been used by artists like Ke$ha, & OK Go to help them identify their top fans. With over 15,000 fans hooking in we know how fans want to communicate with the artists they love.

Try our free plan
Every fan counts, but some count more than others. Super-serve & super-satisfy the fans that matter with our free plan. Get going!

How it beats the competition:
MusicHype goes beyond provided by companies like Music Metric and Next Big Sound. MusicHype displays private fan data with actionable intelligence, so our clients can use tools to take action and communicate directly with fans. No other platform offers a distilled view of important fans, recommends actions and facilitates the steps to monetize.





Salesforce for Music Fans - MusicHype.com, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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