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Share and View Pictures Around You – Sqardius

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Sqardius.comWhat it does:
Sqardius (An Android app and a mini Social Network) allows you to share and view pictures around you, and save them for others who will be there later.

Sqardius is about your Entourage, not your family and friends, but the real physical space where you are standing. Imagine when you walk into a place, let’s say “The Times Square” (it’s just a random example chosen carefully that have nothing to do with the origins of the name), wouldn’t be amazing to view all the events that happened there before like the New Year’s Eve celebrations. That’s exactly what Sqardius is for: reviving memories and events.

The pictures you take will remain in the same place where they were taken, so anyone that goes by this place can view them. These pictures are also shared with your contacts on our mini social network (we call it mini because it has just few features of a social network).

How it beats the competition:
There is no competition



Share and View Pictures Around You - Sqardius, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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