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Share your Sports Gear – YourGear.me

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YourGear.comWhat it does:
YourGear is an online space for all kinds of sports equipment you have, you need or don’t.

Whether you have a , a bike or other , and you do not use it 24/7, do you? Share it with your friends or neighbors in just 3 clicks. Do it for free or make a handsome profit!

Would you like to or have an ? the stuff you need from your friends or in your neighborhood and get the item you need for free or for a . In 3 minutes. .

Gear up!

How it beats the competition:
Sharing and with yourgear.me couldn’t be easier. Simply search according to location or type of equipment, make a reservation and you’re ready to or sea waves.

Using Facebook for authentication, yourgear.me will let those who have gear and those who want it connect to discuss how long a snowboard or a bike will be borrowed for, and how the thing will be handed off. Yourgear.me relies on its community to provide ratings — for gear, and for owners.

Our goal is to make the sport more affordable and accessible in the first place. At YourGear, we believe that people should do sports, spend less and share more. We kicked off at (garage48.org) and have relentlessly pursued an even better user experience since then.





Share your Sports Gear - YourGear.me, 7.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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