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Shopping Made Easy – Omnea.com

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Omnea.comWhat it does:
Omnea makes it easier to shop online and answer the question, “which one should I buy?”  Consumers tag and save products to Omnea as they search and browse from one retail site to another. Saving products to Omnea makes it easy to compare features, find the best price, and get feedback and alternative suggestions from friends.

Retailers pay Omnea to present products to users based upon what they are looking for. There are over 1,400 retailers with over 50 million products set up on Omnea.

How it beats the competition:
Competition comes from several types of companies: comparison tools, (like ShopSavvy) comparison sites,
(like Shopping.com, BizRate, and Shopzilla) services that help consumers track lists and interests (like Evernote and
Pinterest) and broad-reach marketplaces. (eBay, Etsy, and Amazon) The landscape of companies competing for consumers
attention is vast. The advantage for Omnea is that eCommerce is not a ‘winner take all’ market. As Omnea focuses on ever
improving the user experience, Omnea will continue to take more and more market share. Omnea stands apart in its focus on
shopping at the exclusion of other activities and the fact that it works on all retail sites.





Shopping Made Easy - Omnea.com, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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