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StartupToDo.com – Help By And For Startup Founders

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startuptodo-comStartupToDo.com is a productivity application for startup founders, developers who want to fire their managers and microISVs MicroISVs: Micro Independent Vendors. Also known as mISVs, indie game developers, self-funded , etc. Self-funded developers creating, , selling and supporting world class software. who want to build successful software companies.

Here you’ll specific Guides to many of the hundreds of projects you to do to build your company. Every is written by, rated by, and commented on by other startup founders and microISVs who understand what you .

StartupToDo.com is also an online of people like you – people who want to build startups that succeed and spend time with people who have something to offer.

Site: http://www.startuptodo.com/

StartupToDo.com - Help By And For Startup Founders, 7.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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