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Stress Free Wedding Planning – Wed101.com

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Wed101.comWhat it does:
Wed101.com is revolutionizing the way brides plan their weddings. The idea is simple, a bride becomes a member of our site (for free) and with our unique web application tool she is given a list of top quality vendors in her area. Brides can find everything from venues to DJ’s in our system, this way everything she needs is all in one place. Once she has selected her list of potential vendors, she then contacts the vendor and works out the specific details with them. Once terms are finalized, the bride comes back to our site and inputs the contract amount details. Because we allow vendors to be a part of our site for free, they must give a rebate/cash back to our brides if they choose them from our site. This way, brides are able to save a significant amount of money just by using our website. Rebates are normally anywhere from 5-15%, when you take into consideration that the average wedding costs $30,000, that could be a nice return that the bride gets back.

We also have an interesting marketing model in the form of sponsors. Past brides, industry professionals or anyone that just wants to make extra money can become a sponsor. All they have to do is refer someone to our site and if they end up booking vendors through our site, the sponsor will receive 10% of the total rebate money. Once again, for a $30,000 wedding (which is average) a sponsor looks to make about $300+ from that one person they “sponsored”.

How it beats the competition:
No other wedding planning sites offer cash back rebates to their users. This is because the vendors that appear on those sites pay to be seen on them. Our model is unique and allows the brides to save a significant amount of money just by booking the vendors through us. We don’t just let any vendor in to our system however, we have an extensive selection process to insure that only the highest quality vendors are selected.





Stress Free Wedding Planning - Wed101.com, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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