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Tips.comWhat it does:
With hints of Reddit and Quora, Tips.me aims to curate the most useful single page of (less than 280 characters each) on a range of “ to” topics.

Anyone can create a tipsheet and add to an existing tipsheet, then by voting, the community decides which are the most useful.

A share of the revenue generated from flows to the users who created the tips on any .

The site uses as its internal currency.

Tips.me is currently in private beta, and actively seeking experts to contribute tips.

How it beats the competition:
With websites like WikiHow.com you’re getting a mash-up of content from a number of all mixed up together, by committee.

With Tips.me you’re getting extremely focused and condensed advice, and the voice of each author comes through loud and clear.

The advantage is that you get a large number of perspectives, new ideas and helpful resources more quickly.

Tips.me is as much a platform for experts and coaches to demonstrate their expertise, build reputation, and create a following, as it is a tool for users to get great tips.





, 8.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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