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Welshare.com – Share. Stay Informed.

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What it does:
welshare.com is a platform where you can get what’s missing in and . Some of the main features are:

  • Aggregating your twitter and Facebook in addition to the internal stream
  • Unified like button – “like” means “I like this, and I want my friends to know about that”;
  • Search – search the whole site, your stream or your own messages;
  • – simple formula for measuring . Providing rankings based on city and country;
  • Friends and – if you are a friend with someone, add them as friend. If you are just interested in their “stuff” – follow them;
  • – you get notified on events from welshare, Facebook and Twitter, with a unified interface.
  • Viral graph with url shortening – each user in the viral graph for a given link can track his contribution to spreading the link

How it beats the competition:
By making things simple for users and yet giving most of what they need, as well as by providing unique, addictive features like social reputation or viral graph tracking.


- Share. Stay Informed., 8.9 out of 10 based on 20 ratings

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  • Manveer

    I would have enjoyed it more, if another
    language into English. one of my friendknew
    the language than written in this blog ET told
    me and I liked it. nicely writtenanywaysrecords management

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