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Winkio – Let’s Take The Pulse Of The World

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Winkio - Let's Take The Pulse Of The WorldWhat it does:
Winkio is a network based on microblogging that lets its users record and their , doings and while them with their and the world. The data collected is used to take the world’s and to present the big picture with maps, charts and tag clouds.

Ever wondered how the world is feeling? What people on the planet are doing? What are their concerns? How current affect all that? Or maybe you’d like to be more in touch on how your are doing? Well, that’s exactly what Winkio’s worldwide experiment is all about: you share your pulse, you care about your , and we all take the pulse of the world!
You let the world know

How it beats the competition:
Winkio is a social experiment which goal is to use a to get the big picture


Winkio - Let's Take The Pulse Of The World, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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