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Are you tired of using the same old way of managing payment, leaves and attendance? – StaffNote.com

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staffnote.comWhat it does:
Staffnote makes staff management very easy by providing essential features to manage team members attendance, payment, leaves, exchange messages using very user friendly interface and keeping is very interesting to use.

In short, account manager can add members and each member receive login details which they can then use to enter log-in and log-out time daily, manager can assign allowed leaves, set which type of attendance they want to use manual or auto (you can find more when you sign up), pay packages of team members, determine which team members are best by ranking system and badges, export attendance reports, pay-slips, send message to single or multiple members, share some important notes and much more.

How it beats the competition:
Staffnote saves time, money and paper.

Staffnote eliminates the use of paper by providing an online database for members/employees attendance management, important notes and exchanging messages. This all comes with an easy to operate user interface, requiring absolutely no training.

User friendly and very easy to use interface.

The Staffnote interface is very easy to manage, comes with a pleasant colour scheme, is cross browser compatible with no advertisements and is even easier than using facebook.

Find which team member is doing their best.

Staffnote features include a ranking system based on overall performance. This means you can easily find which position each member stands on.

Staffnote is your own organization home network.

In Staffnote each organization gets their own unique URL which that organization and their members can use to login. All data shared between member or manager is fully secure and visible within your login and URL only.


Are you tired of using the same old way of managing payment, leaves and attendance? - StaffNote.com, 9.5 out of 10 based on 24 ratings

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