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InLevel.com – Business Software for Business Professionals

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inlevel.comWhat it does:
inlevel is company developing an platform connecting users and vendors of business software.

inlevel idea is to one place where business professionals can software solutions for most of their business problems using business language.

Instead of going through all the babbling and technical specifications, one may find business software based on business benefit she or he expects, what industry she or he is in, what business process needs improvement etc.

inlevel provides a novel way of shaping relations with software vendors to assure you get what you expected.

Founded in 2010, inlevel is an Internet platform linking business software users and software vendors around business concepts such as , , performance measurements in context of industries and business functions.

How it beats the competition:
inlevel offers pure, straight business approach to software. No IT or marketing jargon.


- Business Software for Business Professionals, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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