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Automated Import of Shopping Cart Data – File2Cart

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File2Cart.comWhat it does:
File2Cart provides an of shopping cart data. It performs from the .csv, , .txt files to shopping cart. The products and product information are imported . The service allows to update your store data, add new products and the existing ones. The user can choose one- or scheduled data import. The prices depend on the quantity of products you need to import.How it beats the competition:

As File2Cart is SaaS no software is required. The import is done quickly and accurately. The service provides Assisted Import when all you need is to provide data file and access to the store. Customized with different . The service provides not only one-time import. You can use scheduled data update option and set the exact hours of the import. File2Cart saves time, money and of merchants.

Automated Import of Shopping Cart Data - File2Cart, 8.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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